New England Orthopedic Acupuncture

"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease" - Hippocrates

Bolster your health naturally

New England Orthopedic Acupuncture is dedicated to optimizing performance and improving health with a natural and alternative approach.  Through Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture, Tui Na massage, Taiji, and Qigong, it is our goal to not only provide aid during injury or sickness but to provide continuous care and education to keep you going.  

New England Orthopedic Acupuncture is part of a comprehensive network teamed up with some of New England's best Chiropractic, Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists that helps to take care of the most important piece of equipment you own.  You.

About Daoist Gate Wudang Arts

Daoist Gate offers instruction in traditional Wudang style martial arts and Daoism.  Daoist Gate was established in 2008 by Daoist Priest Zhou Xuan Yun when he came to the United States with the goal of preserving and spreading the traditional Chinese arts.  Daoist Gate offers a variety of programs, including ongoing classes in the Boston area, workshops and seminars in a variety of locations, an online Distance Learning Program, a training tour to China, and Daoist rituals.

About Coach Henry Lee

Coach Henry began his martial arts training when he was 13 years old.  From then he studied a variety of Chinese martial arts which include Jow Ga Kuen, Baji Quan, Sanda, Chen Style Taiji/Tai Chi, and Shuai Jiao.

Henry was among the first group of students to train at Daoist Gate when it began offering classes in Boston in 2008.  Under Shifu Zhou Xuan Yun, Henry learned Wudang Kung Fu, Taiji/Tai Chi, and Xing Yi Quan.  In 2015, Henry was officially recognized by Daoist Gate as an authorized instructor and now holds ongoing Taiji/Tai Chi classes in Cambridge and Beverly while also providing private instruction to interested students.  

Henry was also invited to be a member of the National Kuoshu Team to represent the USA in the World Kuoshu tournament in 2015.  He brought back two silver medals for his performance of Wudang Eight Immortals Staff and Wudang Taming Tiger Fist Forms.  

Henry once again served as a member of Team USA for the National Kuoshu Team in 2018 where he brought back five gold medals and a silver medal and received competitor of the year accolades.